Del Mar Drama’s Production of Measure for Measure Opens Friday, March 1

Wed Feb 20, 2019

Measure for Measure is rated R for adult themes and content and is for mature audiences only (no children under age 6 allowed).

Set in the increasingly decadent city of Vienna during a time of loose morals, Duke Vincentio temporarily abandons his rule and hands the city’s stewardship to the upright, stern Angelo. Firmly clutching his new power, Angelo begins enforcing harsh edicts for sexual license by sentencing Claudio to death for an adulterous affair.

Claudio’s young sister Isabella, who is preparing to become a nun, pleads Angelo to spare her brother. The righteous Angelo is overcome with desire for Isabella and makes her a highly unusual offer in exchange for Claudio’s life.

Meanwhile, the Duke has lurked about the city disguised as a monk, secretly influencing the course of Angelo’s strict justice.

Measure for Measure’s main themes include justice and the contrast between corruption and purity. Mercy and virtue prevail, as the play does not end tragically, with virtues such as compassion and forgiveness being exercised at the end of the production, illustrating that Shakespeare intended for moral justice to temper strict civil justice.

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