Guest Sculptor Chris Valle presenting ‘Artistic Evolution’ at DMC March 25

Fri Mar 8, 2019

Conceptually, Valle’s work explores how the effect of entertainment content depicting sexual norms, stereotypes and sexual roles have a profound influence on our perceptions about sex and body image. He notes that television pretends to reflect our realities as if it were a mirror; however, it does not give us a pure reflection.

“We are shown things from elsewhere only in an already established, ready-made version: there is no place for our own judgment, and we are unable to resist simply accepting, as reality, the images placed before us,” Valle says.

Featured across the globe, his artwork and paintings have hung in over 130 exhibitions from New York to Germany, along with 17 solo exhibitions in 16 years. Valles’ work is also in several impressive collections including the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum as well as the Sienna Art Institute Library in Italy, among others.

Valle earned a bachelor’s degree in art from Valdosta State University in Georgia. He then received a master’s degree in painting from the University of Florida in Gainesville. Currently he serves as professor and chair of the Department of Art and Design at the University of Tampa.

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