Del Mar College | Thu Aug 31, 2017
Meet Robert Shannon. He is reluctant to receive any attention for his efforts since Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Coastal Bend last week. His dedication to Del Mar College while his own Rockport home was severely damaged, however, deserves recognition. "We were lucky," said Shannon, 62, master and lead electrician at Del Mar. "There are people in Rockport who don't have anything left. I drove around over there and it's just terrible." Shannon and his wife, Corrie, and their dog, Lucy, evacuated to San Antonio last Friday just before Harvey made landfall. They returned Sunday morning to find their home missing most of its roof shingles, some water damage inside and no electricity, water or sewer service. The Shannons secured their home by covering their roof with a tarp, clearing out the standing water and emptying food from the refrigerator. Shannon's wife went back to San Antonio to work on insurance claims and find a recreational vehicle trailer for them to stay in back in Rockport. On Monday morning, despite not being required to be at work, Shannon was at Del Mar assessing damage. He stayed on campus for the next two days, sleeping at night in the Emergency Training Building with emergency responders on the College's West Campus. A major task for Shannon and his coworkers was removing two and a half feet of standing water in the White Library basement on the East Campus, which could have damaged the electrical equipment in the building. They pumped the water out and electricity was restored today, Shannon said. "I don't feel like I'm doing anything special," he said. "I'm just doing my job. There are other people helping me and working just as hard as I am." Incredibly, Shannon made time to drive to Rockport on Monday and help his neighbor restore his water service, he said. "I'm the luckiest man in the world," he added. Shannon insisted that his coworkers' names in Del Mar's Physical Facilities Department be included here: Craig Baxter, Paul "The Plumber" Braly, Alex Cahill, Jeffrey Hottell, Robbie Jones, Steven Kelm and Greg Solis.