Fire Science Live Burn

Wed Aug 2, 2017
11 students with the Del Mar College Regional Fire Academy will demonstrate the skills they’ve learned to extinguish flames overtaking various practice props. The cadets make up the Summer Class of 2017 with these types of exercises not taking place again until next year. Cadets will extinguish LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) live burns by suppressing flames of a burning car and dumpster, along with props that mimic those devices used in a refinery setting––including a liquid fuel spill and an LPG tank. During the exercises, cadets will wear full personal protective equipment, including a self-contained breathing apparatus. Faculty with the College’s Department of Public Safety Education will watch to see if these future firefighters violate any safety issues and extinguish the fires correctly. Walter Thieme, associate professor and director of the DMC Regional Fire Academy, says that the exercises are a requirement for students to fulfill all aspects of firefighting operations for certification by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.