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DMC Continuing Education Recognizes 246 Adult Career and Industry Program Completers with Workforce Skills Awards and Industry-based Credentials During June 4 Ceremony

Del Mar College’s CE Department building South Texas’ workforce with high-demand credentials of value in targeted fields

Article by Melinda Eddleman

The charge was communicated to mobilize the state’s public community, technical and junior colleges to “fast-track” residents into the workforce, and the priority was set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to train individuals for high-demand jobs.

Continuing Education Healthcare Graduate Entering Richardson Performance Hall Wearing Scrubs_2024 Recognition Ceremony_060424

Continuing Education Healthcare Graduate Entering Richardson Performance Hall Wearing Scrubs_2024 Recognition Ceremony_060424

During the past year, the Del Mar College (DMC) Continuing Education Department met that charge to train Coastal Bend residents to fill employers’ needs in fields targeting the child care, construction, healthcare, real estate and other sectors; and on June 4, 246 completers or “graduates” were celebrated during a Recognition Ceremony where they received their Industry-based Certificates and/or Workforce Skills Awards. The ceremony also recognized individuals who completed the Adult Education program to prepare for testing to earn their high school equivalency certificate.

Just like DMC’s credit students who “graduate and walk the stage” during spring and fall semester commencement ceremonies, CE Recognition Ceremony participants were given the same opportunity and spotlight in Richardson Performance Hall on the Heritage Campus.

Dr Leonard Rivera_CE Recognition Ceremony 2024_060424

Dr Leonard Rivera_CE Recognition Ceremony 2024_060424

He added, “Continuing Education’s healthcare and industry trade programs fill high-demand needs among our region’s employers, but the credentials these students have earned also give them an initial step that builds toward other educational opportunities the College offers through our academic programs to earn Level I or II certificates, associate degrees and even our new bachelor’s degree.”

CE programs selected for short-term training in the region align with Workforce Solutions Coastal Bend’s Targeted Occupations List for 2022-2023 and trends outlined by the Texas Workforce Commission for both Texas and the Coastal Bend. These programs correlate with high demand for employment in the area.

The department’s short-term programs range from four to 16 weeks to complete, and programmatic sequencing allows students to on-board into specific study fields without prior knowledge or skills development. Additionally, these programs, whether they provide Industry-based Certification or WSAs, allow students to gain immediate employment during or upon completion.

“Del Mar College and Continuing Education are very proud of the hard work each of these 246 ‘graduates’ have completed to earn their credentials of value; and tomorrow night my staff and I hope this is only the beginning of a continued journey for each graduate to come back and go further with their education at the College,” noted Dr. Rivera. “We’re here to help individuals advance and succeed, and these graduates are proving that taking that first step is one step closer to fulfilling their dreams.”

Keynote Speaker Charlotte Murray Shakes Hands Onstage with Graduate_CE Recognition Ceremony_060424

Keynote Speaker Charlotte Murray Shakes Hands Onstage with Graduate_CE Recognition Ceremony_060424

The following students have earned their Workforce Skills Awards, Industry-based Credentials or High School Equivalency Certificate through DMC Continuing Education:

Administrative Medical Assistant: Deztiny Rae Cano, Alizae Rae Flores, Alexandria Hernandez, Afzal Iram, Marion Melissa King, Megie Corpuz Laird, Daniella A. Maciel, Crystal Coleen Montalvo, Jennifer Gomez Nixon, Roarquis Espina Placencia, Jaclyn Rivera, Emma Trejo and Brittany N. Valentic

• Adult Education: Emma Grace Barrientez, Nina Castro, Richelle Marie Herrera, Enrique Edward Turner and Daniel Mateo Yon

Billing and Coding: Elizabeth Aguirre, Ronald Cattanach, Jim Davenport, Avery Douglas, Maria Espinosa, Jusella Estrada, Audrey A. Garcia, Abigail Garza, Nathan Magill, Rosaura C. Martinez, Elida Ortega, Vanessa Ortiz, Lora Pulido, Alva R. Ramirez, Melanie Ramos, Elsa Rodriguez, Ruben Rodriguez, Carmen Rosales, Elizabeth Rosalez-Margerum, Valerie D. Saenz, Robyn Shepherd, Eva M. Soto and Sarah Trevino

Valdar the Viking Wearing Graduation Attire_Continuing Education Recognition Ceremony_060424

Valdar the Viking Wearing Graduation Attire_Continuing Education Recognition Ceremony_060424

Carpentry: Erik T. Castaneda, Tracie A. Castro, Crystal J. Contreras, Robert Devones, Xavier R. Flores, Noe Garcia, Alyssa G. Hernandez, Hilda Hernandez, Leticia L. Hernandez, Gerald M. Kariuki Michael A. Mayes, George Montiel, Kimberly J. Morris, Andrew B. Munoz, Santiago A. Murillo-Gonzalez, Itati M. Reyes and Terri A. Rios

Carpentry and House Wiring: Dwight D. Jones

Child Development Associate: Nayoumy Y. Castillo, Maria Hernandez and Veronica A. Zapata

Certified Nurse Aide: Soliver Cea Adrao, Josey Marie Almager, Daisy Avalos, Madeline M. Brunkenhoefer, Taylor MacKay Burton, Jiselle Vilela Camota, Alison Cantu, Caryn Cathryn Cantu, Alexis Patricia Casillas, Adriena Lavosiette Causey, Emylee Rhea Cerda, Sulema Yahaira Chavez, Kenia Cisneros, Anelys Cruz, Clarissa Ceandra Davis, Hoang Minh Diep, Delaina Nicole Felix, Samantha Rae Franco, Tanner Glenn Galbraith, Julianna Marie Galvan, Alexander Garcia, Ernest Esquejo Garcia, Bonita Maricella Garcia-Chapa, Allie Jaye Garza, Catrina L. Garza, Dominique Alexandria Garza, Felisha Amanda Garza, Francisca Ann Gonzalez, Marah D. Gonzalez, Minerva Irma Gonzalez, Sarah Ann Gutierrez, John Leo Hartman IV, Owen Kruckenberg, Victoria Veliz Lee, Aylin Victoria Lozano, Mariah San Juanita Lugo, Diana D. Maqueda, Noemi Lizette Mares, Giselle Fey Marroquin, Elyshia Jazmin Martinez, Lauryn Renee Martinez, Ashley Nicole Medrano, Iris Sapphire Mendiola, Savanna Mendoza, Desiree Moncevaiz, Daniella Liz Montalvo, Samantha J. Moore, Marissa Renee Moreno, Patrick Mungari Musyoki, Joshua Nabea Mutua, Amie Thu-Van Nguyen, Heavens Pantoja, Elizabeth Ann Pena, Victoria Lynn Pena, John H. Porter, Aija Chesedh Prime, Kirstyn Fay Ramirez, Michelle Ramirez, Perla A. Robles, Yuliana Rodriguez, Elisa Nayeli Silva, Ayanna Mitsuki Simmons, Mya Danielle Smith, Thomas Vincent Stark, Leslie Wehling Torres, Yesika Y. Vallejo, Thaliyana Yasmine Vasquez and Alexis Nicole Villa

Certified Nurse Aide & Electrocardiography: Madeline M. Clarke, Mary Jane Medina, Trinity Hope Shade, Martha M. Landa and Morgan Delaney Manzano

Certified Nurse Aide and Phlebotomy: Bobbie Janelle Guerra

Electrocardiography: Johnavon A. Alaniz, Graciela N. Calzada, Dwyane I. Carballeira, Peggy L. Castillo, Mila C. Connell, Tommy Figueroa, Branddun D. Frost, Savannah N. Garza, Jordan L. Hendrix, Jesus M. Herrera-San Martin, Tammy L. Jasso, Talya Jones, Margo M. Juarez, Priscilla Loredo, Meriko R. Menchaca, Erika J. Mendez, Hailey P. Murray, Leticia Salazar, Sandra Salazar Yeilen Sanabria, Natalie G. Sanchez and Leslie Wehling Torres

All Together_Family Poses with Credential of Value_2024 Continuing Education Recognition Ceremony_06-424

All Together_Family Poses with Credential of Value_2024 Continuing Education Recognition Ceremony_06-424

House Wiring: Jesse B. Andrade, Juan Cavazos, Bryan J. Guerra, Bryce Hendricks, Noe H. Lozano II and George Quiroz

House Wiring and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning): Ralph Cervantes

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning): Mark Anthony Canchola, Dustin Garcia, Juan Garcia and Brandon Soto

 • Phlebotomy:  Marcella Lee Barajas, Fidel Barrera, Jasmine Dominguez, Arleth Flores, Alyssa J. Garza, Jon R. Gonzales, Katherin Govante Chacon, Maegan Erin Grapentine, Teresa Eulalia Juarez, Isabella Celine Lozano, Maria Cristina Martinez, Estefana G. Mearlon, Eva L. Mendoza, David H. Mesmer, Mia Margaret Pair, McKenzie Angel Perez, Hailey Sierrah Pulido, Deznaryah Tamara Quintero, Lizette Ann Resendez, Melissa Reyes Martinez, Haven Leigh Reyna, Benjamin Cross, Rodriguez, Raven Noelani Rodriguez, Thalia Izabel Rodriguez, Julie A. Ronje, Britnee Ann Rosas, Ry'che Nasya Simmons and Cassandra O. Stakes

Phlebotomy and Electrocardiography: Dulce M. Hernandez and Jolynn R. Martinez

Real Estate: Cristian J. Alvarado, Sandra M. Alvarez, Amanda C. Barrera, Vivecka Berreondo, Kyle W. Campbell, Kostadina P. Chryssos, Kandis Cloud, Stephen Contreras, Daniel M. Corpus, Emily R. Covington, Myranda C. Cummings, Arnold De Leon, Savannah J. Dow, Samantha L. Galvan, Sara Garza, Laura Granillo, Oscar Guerrero, Genrong Jian, Laura B. Lara, Madison K. Lindsey, John Morris, Matthew I. Morris, Nancy K. Ndolo, Aixa I. Ortiz, Jaden Ortiz, Celeste M. Pena, Celina Pena,  Olibama A. Reyes, Briana L. Rios, Lee Ann Robles, Leslie A. Rodriguez, Michael A. Rodriguez, Randi M. Stevens, Carli R. Tetzlaff and Sally Uzomba

Welding Helper: Bonifacio Benavides, Marissa Chapa, Israel Cruz-Herrera, Averi Flores, Steve Guzman, Sharon Hughes, Angelina Mendez, Lanai Ramirez, Andrew Ramon, Cody Sanchez and Gabriel Tijerina

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